Mona ”Lisa” Namér is a Gothenburg-based dancer, choreographer and visual artist. As the co-founder of artistic collective, Stampenfield and a member of the Swedish dance company, Twisted Feet, she merges her experience and breadth of knowledge and uses them to create a repertoire of new expressive narratives in movement and visual art.

Mona is a versatile dancer/artist and active in different fields such as dance and theater performances, teaching, directing, battles/competitions, organizing events, commercial work, festivals, photography and various projects. Her main dance styles are House and Hip Hop, with touches of contemporary and popping techniques.

Since the age of eight, Mona has built a strong foundation in urban dance, while gleaning inspiration, an education and a physical vocabulary from around the world. She spent a year and a half honing her practice at Broadway Dance Center in New York -- where she studied contemporary, streetjazz, tap, voguing, house, West African dance, hip hop and ballet. This was followed by a year-long training with some of the world's top freestyle dancers in Paris. Recently, Mona spent four months studying Pantsula in Johannesburg, South Africa. There, she along with her Stampenfield partner and two Pantsula dancers conceived a performance piece titled “VISITORS / BAETI”. Fusing House and Pantsula, the show explores how humans are a part of a social system and how dance can be an alternative language for unity.

Mona's creative sensibilities has lead to numerous opportunities to perform internationally with lauded artists and at celebrated festivals. She has toured with Swedish electronic band Little Dragon during their Nabuma Rubberband tour in Europe and South Africa. She’s also choreographed for and performed with Afrobeats singer Aurelia Dey in Accra, Ghana (2017) and during her ‘Gyllene Tider’ (2015) and ‘Alpha’ (2017) tours, and she has collaborated with artists Cleo and Jolympix amongst many others. Additionally, Mona’s work has been featured on stage at Howl Festival New York (2013), Way Out West (2014), Gothenburg Film Festival (2016) and AFROPUNK BROOKLYN (2018).

With the collective talents of Twisted Feet, Mona has toured in Mexico and launched Volvo Trucks in both Sweden and South Korea. Twisted Feet has produced shows at a number of recognized spaces including the Gothenburg Opera and most recently at Stora Teatern for their latest show ‘5° C’ aiming to raise awareness about climate change.

Mona's desire to experiment with different forms of creative expression have helped her to develop her own unique style of dance. Her innate curiosity has led her to explore how she can combine movement with other artforms such as film, photography, painting and poetry, and has allowed her to discover how they manifest into unique creative forms and expressions of their own. She truly believes that working with all of these layers and people from different backgrounds creates a magical atmosphere and exciting outcomes.