2018 | Julgalan | Choreographer & Dancer
Choreographer and dancer in yearly Christmas show at Åhaga produced by Ola Grönberg. Borås, Sweden
2018 | Wallmans | Choreographer

Choreographing two shows for Wallmans Stockholm season 2018/2019. Sweden
2015 - 2017 | Yukimi Nagano / Little Dragon | Movement Coach
Working and training with Little Dragon's lead singer Yukimi Nagano; staging, movement, dance etc.
2017 | Alpha Tour 2017 | Choreographer & Dancer
Touring with Afro-pop artist Aurelia Dey in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and festivals like Öland Roots, Långsta Rasta Festival, Uppsala Reggae Festival, Ökända
Festival. Sweden
2015 | Gyllene Tider Tour | Choreographer & Dancer
Touring with Afro-pop artist Aurelia Dey in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and festivals like Öland Roots and Urkult Festival. Sweden
2013 | Team Surprise (SWE) Synchronized Ice Skating | Co-Choreographer & Dance Coach
Working with Team Surprise for their skating programs 2013/2014, Gothenburg

music videos

2018 | Aurelia Dey "Sweet Love" | Director and Dancer
Directing and dancing in music video for "Sweet Love". Accra, Ghana
2018 | Thornato feat. Zongo Abongo "Back It Up" | Project Manager / Assistant Director (Ghana)
Assisting American director Justin Conte for videoshoot in Accra, Ghana
2017 | Branko "MPTS" | Dancer
Dancer in music video, directed and filmed by PLUMA - Lisbon, Portugal
2017 | Aurelia Dey feat. Arvid Rask "Jag Står Kvar" | Dancer
Dancer in music video, filmed by Sanna Holmberg
2016 | Little Dragon "Sweet" | Dancer
Dancer in Little Dragon's music video Sweet, directed by Ossian Melin. Gothenburg
2016 | Cleo feat. Adam Tensta "Lika Bra" | Actress
Acting in the music video for Lika Bra by Cleo and Adam Tensta, Stockholm

live / tv

2019 | Layerhythm New York | Dancer
A collaborative jam session with live music and dance at Nublu. New York, USA
2018 | WINWIN: Gothenburg Sustainability Award | Dancer

Collaborative Perfomance with musician Kristina Issa at WINWIN’s price ceremony. Auktionsverket Gothenburg, Sweden
| AFROPUNK Liberation Sessions | Dancer
Performing with musicians Manthe Ribane & Okzharp at National Sawdust in New York, USA
2018 | AFROPUNK Festival Brooklyn, New York | Dancer
Performing with musicians Manthe Ribane & Okzharp at Commodore Battery Park in New York, USA
2017 | BASS Awards live at Joy TV | Dancer
Performing with Aurelia Dey at Bass Awards 2017, National Theatre of Ghana. Accra, Ghana
2017 | Aurelia Dey 'Ghana Alpha Tour' | Dancer
Ghana tour with artist Aurelia Dey  - Venues: National Theatre of Ghana, Brazil House and James Town Street Carnival. Accra, Ghana
2017 | Rhys live at Lotta På Liseberg | Dancer
Dancing with Rhys performing "Last Dance" on TV 4 live broadcast at Lotta På Liseberg, Gothenburg
2017 | HVOB Concert | Dancer
Performing an opening act with LEEU live dj set at Constitutional Hill - Johannesburg, South Africa
2016 | Manifestgalan | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing with Aurelia Dey at Manifestgalan 2016 at Nalen in Stockholm
2016 | Gothenburg Film Festival | Dancer
Performing with the collective Expanding Rhythms - a collaboration between Stampenfield (dance), Dj Livsfarligt and Studio Kaleijdo (VJ), Gothenburg
2015 | Little Dragon South Africa Tour | Dancer & Choreographer
Performing an opening act with Stampenfield for Little Dragon in Carfax Newtown - Johannesburg, South Africa
2015 | Jolympix EP Release | Choreographer & Dancer
Stampenfield performing together with Jolympix at HAK, Gothenburg
2015 | Clandestino Festival | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a dance showcase with Stampenfield at Ringön, Gothenburg
2014 | Little Dragon Nabuma Rubberband Tour | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing with Little Dragon at their concert at La Cigale in Paris, France
2014 | Way Out West | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing with Little Dragon on Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg
2014 | BODIFIED Exhibition | Artistic Director & Dancer
Showcasing photographies from Bodiefieds creative sessions + a live show of bodypaint and dance. Exhibition at Hive, Gothenburg
2013 | Howl Festival | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a show with 908 Dance Company at Tompkins Square Park, New York. USA
2013 | Rhapsody James Presents: Sirens After Dark | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a show with 908 Dance Company at Highline Ballroom - New York, USA
2012 | Semana Cultura Querétaro | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a showcase with Twisted Feet Dance Company touring in Querétaro and Jalpan, Mexico
2011 | TV 3 Rosa Bandet Galan | Dancer
Performing the opening number for TV 3 live broadcast of Rosa Bandet Galan (Breast cancer fundraising), Gothenburg

stage productions

2019 | “INTROSPECTIVE” at Stora Teatern | Dancer & Choreographer
Choreographing and performing solo-piece “Introspective”, in collaboration with the band Little Dragon and designer ABCG Studio
2018 | Kampnagel Live Art Festival: Superspaces - Infinity Studio | Dancer & Choreographer

Performing solo-piece "Dolores" at Kampnagel Hamburg, Germany in a project curated by South African platform Bubblegum Club
2017 | VISITORS / BAETI | Project Leader, Choreographer & Dancer
Collaboration project with Stampenfield from Sweden and 2Man2 from South Africa. Creating a dance show in Johannesburg fusing House and Pantsula dance. Showcased in Gothenburg
2015-2016 | 5° C by Twisted Feet Dance Company | Choreographer & Dancer

Creating a production with aim to raise awareness about climate change. Performed at Stora Teatern, Gothenburg
2013 - 2014 | VOLVO Trucks Launch | Dancer
Launching VOLVO Trucks with a one-hour showcase choreographed by Twisted Feet Dance Company. Gothenburg and Seoul, South Korea
2012 | WALL STREET Gothenburg Opera | Dancer
Dancer in Wall Street produced and choreographed by Twisted Feet Dance Company, Gothenburg
2012 | Kungarnas Gård | Actress, Dancer & Choregrapher
Starring as "Leila" in a dance/theater production at Folkteatern, Gothenburg


2019 | I Love This Dance | Showcase Battle at Urban Connection. Dansens Hus, Stockholm
2019 | Juste Debout UK |
House FINALIST. London, UK
2019 | Hip Hop Revolution | House FINALIST. Gothenburg, Sweden


International Student VISA Program at Broadway Dance Center, New York
Art History & Visual Studies, Gothenburg University
Pantsula Dance Training with Real Actions Pantsula in Johannesburg, South Africa - 4 months
Juste Debout School Paris, France - Weekly classes of House, Hip Hop and Popping - 1 year
Studio 68 and Pineapple/ London, UK - Weekly classes of House, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Streetjazz, Vogue and Popping - 4 months


Move Different; Movement Design Research - New York, USA
Uppsala Loves Hip Hop
Cape Town Boot Dance Camp - South Africa
Twisted Feet Dance Academy
Danscentrum Väst
Academia de Danza Passe Querétaro - Mexico
Skapande Skola
Studio Danza


2019 MADE In Angered | at Blå Stället - Gothenburg Sweden | Artist. Exhibiting collagepiece “Space Queen”
2019 Ortens Va
l | at Blå Stället - Gothenburg Sweden | Artist. Exhibiting visual project “WIMB - Where Is My Body?” and video work “ALVA”
2018 Cave Session | at Stampenfield Studios - Gothenburg, Sweden | Curator and Artist with visual project “WIMB - Where Is My Body?”
2015 Bodified Art Exhibition | at Göteborg Konferens - Gothenburg, Sweden | Project Leader & Dancer


Twisted Feet Summercamp & GBG Dance Festival 2015 and 2016 | Gothenburg, Sweden | Co-Producer


Swedish, English, French, Darija (Moroccan Arabic)