2018 | Julgalan | Choreographer & Dancer
Choreographer and dancer in yearly Christmas show at Åhaga produced by Ola Grönberg. Borås, Sweden
2018 | Wallmans | Choreographer

Choreographing two shows for Wallmans Stockholm season 2018/2019. Sweden
2015 - 2017 | Yukimi Nagano / Little Dragon | Movement Coach
Working and training with Little Dragon's lead singer Yukimi Nagano; staging, movement, dance etc.
2017 | Alpha Tour 2017 | Choreographer & Dancer
Touring with Afro-pop artist Aurelia Dey in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and festivals like Öland Roots, Långsta Rasta Festival, Uppsala Reggae Festival, Ökända
Festival. Sweden
2015 | Gyllene Tider Tour | Choreographer & Dancer
Touring with Afro-pop artist Aurelia Dey in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and festivals like Öland Roots and Urkult Festival. Sweden
2013 | Team Surprise (SWE) Synchronized Ice Skating | Co-Choreographer & Dance Coach
Working with Team Surprise for their skating programs 2013/2014, Gothenburg

music videos

2018 | Aurelia Dey "Sweet Love" | Director and Dancer
Directing and dancing in music video for "Sweet Love". Accra, Ghana
2018 | Thornato feat. Zongo Abongo "Back It Up" | Project Manager / Assistant Director (Ghana)
Assisting American director Justin Conte for videoshoot in Accra, Ghana
2017 | Branko "MPTS" | Dancer
Dancer in music video, directed and filmed by PLUMA - Lisbon, Portugal
2017 | Aurelia Dey feat. Arvid Rask "Jag Står Kvar" | Dancer
Dancer in music video, filmed by Sanna Holmberg
2016 | Little Dragon "Sweet" | Dancer
Dancer in Little Dragon's music video Sweet, directed by Ossian Melin. Gothenburg
2016 | Cleo feat. Adam Tensta "Lika Bra" | Actress
Acting in the music video for Lika Bra by Cleo and Adam Tensta, Stockholm

live / tv

2018 | WINWIN: Gothenburg Sustainability Award | Dancer
Collaborative Perfomance with musician Kristina Issa at WINWIN’s price ceremony. Auktionsverket Gothenburg, Sweden
| AFROPUNK Liberation Sessions | Dancer
Performing with musicians Manthe Ribane & Okzharp at National Sawdust in New York, USA
2018 | AFROPUNK Festival Brooklyn, New York | Dancer
Performing with musicians Manthe Ribane & Okzharp at Commodore Battery Park in New York, USA
2017 | BASS Awards live at Joy TV | Dancer
Performing with Aurelia Dey at Bass Awards 2017, National Theatre of Ghana. Accra, Ghana
2017 | Aurelia Dey 'Ghana Alpha Tour' | Dancer
Ghana tour with artist Aurelia Dey  - Venues: National Theatre of Ghana, Brazil House and James Town Street Carnival. Accra, Ghana
2017 | Rhys live at Lotta På Liseberg | Dancer
Dancing with Rhys performing "Last Dance" on TV 4 live broadcast at Lotta På Liseberg, Gothenburg
2017 | HVOB Concert | Dancer
Performing an opening act with LEEU live dj set at Constitutional Hill - Johannesburg, South Africa
2016 | Manifestgalan | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing with Aurelia Dey at Manifestgalan 2016 at Nalen in Stockholm
2016 | Gothenburg Film Festival | Dancer
Performing with the collective Expanding Rhythms - a collaboration between Stampenfield (dance), Dj Livsfarligt and Studio Kaleijdo (VJ), Gothenburg
2015 | Little Dragon South Africa Tour | Dancer & Choreographer
Performing an opening act with Stampenfield for Little Dragon in Carfax Newtown - Johannesburg, South Africa
2015 | Jolympix EP Release | Choreographer & Dancer
Stampenfield performing together with Jolympix at HAK, Gothenburg
2015 | Clandestino Festival | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a dance showcase with Stampenfield at Ringön, Gothenburg
2014 | Little Dragon Nabuma Rubberband Tour | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing with Little Dragon at their concert at La Cigale in Paris, France
2014 | Way Out West | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing with Little Dragon on Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg
2014 | BODIFIED Exhibition | Artistic Director & Dancer
Showcasing photographies from Bodiefieds creative sessions + a live show of bodypaint and dance. Exhibition at Hive, Gothenburg
2013 | Howl Festival | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a show with 908 Dance Company at Tompkins Square Park, New York. USA
2013 | Rhapsody James Presents: Sirens After Dark | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a show with 908 Dance Company at Highline Ballroom - New York, USA
2012 | Semana Cultura Querétaro | Choreographer & Dancer
Performing a showcase with Twisted Feet Dance Company touring in Querétaro and Jalpan, Mexico
2011 | TV 3 Rosa Bandet Galan | Dancer
Performing the opening number for TV 3 live broadcast of Rosa Bandet Galan (Breast cancer fundraising), Gothenburg

stage productions

2018 | Kampnagel Live Art Festival: Superspaces - Infinity Studio | Dancer & Choreographer
Performing solo-piece "Dolores" at Kampnagel Hamburg, Germany in a project curated by South African platform Bubblegum Club
2017 | VISITORS / BAETI | Project Leader, Choreographer & Dancer
Collaboration project with Stampenfield from Sweden and 2Man2 from South Africa. Creating a dance show in Johannesburg fusing House and Pantsula dance. Showcased in Gothenburg
2015-2016 | 5° C by Twisted Feet Dance Company | Choreographer & Dancer

Creating a production with aim to raise awareness about climate change. Performed at Stora Teatern, Gothenburg
2013 - 2014 | VOLVO Trucks Launch | Dancer
Launching VOLVO Trucks with a one-hour showcase choreographed by Twisted Feet Dance Company. Gothenburg and Seoul, South Korea
2012 | WALL STREET Gothenburg Opera | Dancer
Dancer in Wall Street produced and choreographed by Twisted Feet Dance Company, Gothenburg
2012 | Kungarnas Gård | Actress, Dancer & Choregrapher
Starring as "Leila" in a dance/theater production at Folkteatern, Gothenburg


International Student VISA Program at Broadway Dance Center, New York
Art History & Visual Studies, Gothenburg University


Move Different; Movement Design Research (New York, USA)
Uppsala Loves Hip Hop
Cape Town Boot Dance Camp (South Africa)
Twisted Feet Dance Academy
Danscentrum Väst
Academia de Danza Passe Querétaro (Mexico)
Skapande Skola
Studio Danza


Bodified Art Exhibition 2015 | Gothenburg, Sweden | Project Leader & Dancer
Twisted Feet Summercamp & GBG Dance Festival 2015 and 2016 | Gothenburg, Sweden | Co-Producer
Cave Session 2018 | Gothenburg, Sweden | Curator and Artist with visual project “WIMB - Where Is My Body?”


Swedish, English, French, Darija (Moroccan Arabic)